Baggage Tags and Boarding Passes


Print-O-Tape is the leading manufacturer of Automated Baggage Tags (ABT) and is the only company in North America with considerable history in manufacturing both standard and RFID baggage tags.  Our unique manufacturing capabilities provide us with a competitive edge in this cost sensitive market.

Knowledge through longevity – 30 years of manufacturing baggage tags and participating in industry groups such as IATA and ACI has brought our team an extensive education on baggage tags as well as sortation systems, printers and technology.

 Proven product with the quality you expect – Our baggage tags have been in use around the world for 30 years.  Print-O-Tape has also been supplying RFID baggage tags for over 10 years.  We are also further integrated with the advantage of coating our own materials at our facility.  Being vertically integrated means we have more control over quality, lead times and product offering.

Product and service that works for you – We are a custom tag and label manufacturer, but we also offer the convenience of stock items.  We will help you customize a tag that fits your unique requirements, or provide a quick-ship, generic tag.  We stock a multitude of generic boarding passes and baggage tags for use at check in counters or self-tag kiosks (standard and RFID) that are designed to work with all thermal printers in the industry and meet the Common Use Self Service requirements.  Click here to see a listing of our In-Stock Baggage Tag and Boarding Pass offerings!


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