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Founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of masking tape, Print-O-Tape has evolved into one of the world’s leading innovators and cost-effective converters in the pressure sensitive label industry.

Our business model is quite simple; provide high quality, cost-effective label solutions and exceptional customer service to our client base. To that end, Print-O-Tape has invested heavily in personnel, proprietary technology and processes to continually improve product quality and reduce cost.

Our uniqueness stems from our complete vertical integration of operations. Where the vast majority of pressure sensitive label providers procure pressure sensitive label materials from third party sources, Print-O-Tape manufactures these materials internally using high-capacity, state-of-the-art silicone and adhesive coating equipment. Our Patented Adhesive and Silicone Coating operation offers wide web coating of both Hot Melt and Emulsion adhesives on both paper and synthetic substrates. This allows us to create the pressure sensitive materials used in our label manufacturing process. This unique, internal capability has helped us to maintain our position as an industry innovator and low price leader.

Print-O-Tape is also unique in terms of the diversity of our product offerings. We offer a wide variety of Custom Labels for primary packaging needs. Our Custom Label printing processes include 10 color traditional Flexo and UV Flexo printing.

Our Stock Label program offers a complete line Thermal Label products that includes a wide variety of Direct Thermal Labels and Thermal Transfer Labels commonly used in “on-demand” printing and secondary packaging applications. We also carry a full line of Thermal Transfer Ribbon products for all common printers and applications.

In addition to manufacturing commonly used paper/permanent adhesive products, our Roll Coating Operation can facilitate the creation of popular Piggyback Labels, Removable Labels, No Label Look or Clear Labels, and Specialty Labels. Our equipment also allows for Pattern Coating and Custom Coating of silicone and adhesives. Print-O-Tape also facilitates a Custom Toll Coating program. Our materials meet and most often exceed the performance characteristics associated with similar products produced by other, better known suppliers.  As a matter of fact, many of our competitors in the printed label arena purchase our film and paper pressure sensitive label stock for use on their printing presses.

Print-O-Tape is equally proud of our service offerings which include state-of-the-art Pre-Press and Image Management services, On-Line Proofing, Vendor Managed Inventory Programs, EDI Business Solutions, Custom Coating, and Warehousing. These service offerings add value to the long-term relationships we have enjoyed with many high-profile clients.

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