Print-O-Tape Introduces “Wash Away” Dissolvable Label Product Line

Mundelein, IL – Print-O-Tape, Inc., a manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels and materials announced today the introduction of its “Wash Away”, water dissolvable pressure sensitive label material.  Under most conditions, this earth-friendly water soluble product will wash away completely in under 30 seconds, leaving behind absolutely no residue.  The 3 mil paper based face sheet offers outstanding flexographic, thermal transfer, laser and digital inkjet printability.  The paper is combined with Print-O-Tape’s ED emulsion dissolvable adhesive and laminated to a 40# siliconized liner using the company’s patented tandem coating process.

“We see a great deal of potential in our Wash Away product line,” said Jon Barrere, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Print-O-Tape, Inc.  “We’ve already seen strong sales in the Food Service and Food Safety arenas and have found niche applications in retail and pharma, anywhere where clean, simple and thorough label removability and disposal is desired.”

“Historically, dissolvable labels and materials have had a very short shelf life.  Our vertical integration and just-in-time manufacturing and converting has allowed us to double normal life cycles.” said Ron Cuba, Vice President of Operations, Print-O-Tape, Inc. “Through months of development, we are now prepared to offer Wash Away dissolvable labels that will rival any competition in the current marketplace. Although these products were originally developed for our own printed label customers, the cost effectiveness of these Wash Away materials has proven attractive to our many “friendly” competitors in the label printing arena.”

“We intend to market these products aggressively to printed label end-users and other label printers looking reduce costs,” said Barrere.

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