Print-O-Tape Adds Baggage Tags and Boarding Passes to In-Stock Label Program

Mundelein, IL – Print-O-Tape, Inc., a long-time manufacturer of media for the air transportation sector, released their updated stock list.  The addition of RFID baggage tags and 5-mil boarding passes completes a full suite of products for use by gate agents and in self-service kiosks.   All pressure-sensitive materials are coated and converted at its Chicagoland facility.  The baggage tags’ face sheet and liners are engineered to work with any industry-standard thermal printer. Additionally, all layouts are designed to meet IATA Reso740 and RP1740 (when applicable) for Common Use Systems.

“As early as 1997, Print-O-Tape launched a program for ground handlers, smaller airlines, and airports to have quick, reliable access to cost-effective tags,” said Carl Walliser, CEO, Print-O-Tape, Inc. “Through our work with many different clients, we saw there were obstacles which made sourcing tags cumbersome for the user groups and purchasing personnel.  We responded by providing a stock tag solution which has been of great benefit to hundreds of clients.”

“Before the creation of Print-O-Tape’s stock program for air transportation media, every baggage tag purchased was a custom made tag.  Custom manufacturing certainly has its place and benefits, but in small quantity, this can be costly, and also requires many days for a job to get to press.  Our program has saved our customers time and money. We have also made generic baggage tags and boarding passes a same-day shipment product line.” said Jon Barrere, Vice President of Sales, Print-O-Tape, Inc.

“Our stock program is now inclusive of 8 different products.  The inclusion of standard and RFID tags addresses the growing needs of companies worldwide that are using or providing boarding passes and baggage tags.  Print-O-Tape will continue to lead the market and seek ways to add value to our product through the services we provide,” said Walliser.

For a PDF of our stock boarding passes and baggage tags, click here.

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