Print-O-Tape Issued U.S. Patent for Silicone Coating Process

Mundelein, IL, – Print-O-Tape, Inc., a manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels and materials, announced today that the company has been issued a patent from the United States Patent Office for the coating of UV curable silicone and adhesive. This process allows for the tandem or simultaneous coating of silicone and adhesive in the manufacturing of pressure sensitive label materials.

“The issuance of this patent demonstrates Print-O-Tape’s commitment to cost effective and efficient manufacturing”, said Carl Walliser, President of Print-O-Tape. “This commitment enhances our unique position as both a manufacturer of pressure sensitive label materials and a converter and printer of pressure sensitive label products. We have been coating silicone and adhesives for many years and this recognition of our process further establishes Print-O-Tape as a true innovator in the industry.”

“As a pressure sensitive label printer, Print-O-Tape recognized the importance of controlling the quality and cost of pressure sensitive label materials. Early on, we invested in equipment and processes that allow us to manufacture our own pressure sensitive materials as a means of ensuring label quality. As printed label margins continue to erode, we have benefited from the competitive advantage of manufacturing the materials required for our pressure sensitive label production.

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