Print-O-Tape Announces Long-Term Automated Baggage Tag Contract Awards

Mundelein, IL, – Print-O-Tape, Inc., a manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels and materials, announced today that the company has secured long-term automated baggage tag (ABT) contracts with several major airlines. First, United Airlines has renewed its 11 year relationship with the company by extending its existing contract. In addition, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines and America West Airlines have each agreed to long-term baggage tag supply contracts with Print-O-Tape.

“Print-O-Tape has long been a leader in the manufacture of automated baggage tags for the airline industry,” said Carl Walliser, President, Print-O-Tape, Inc. “For over 10 years, we have been the exclusive supplier of these products to United Airlines and many other air carriers. The extension of the United contract coupled with the addition of contracts with Northwest, Southwest and America West have, arguably, made Print-O-Tape the nation’s leading supplier of automated baggage tag products. These and our other airline clients have come to recognize our experience in this marketplace and the cost effectiveness of Print-O-Tape’s patented tandem coating manufacturing process have translated into superb reliability and substantial savings for our airline clients.”

“We are proud to have been awarded these contracts with these high profile carriers,” said Jon Barrere, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Print-O-Tape, Inc. “We will continue to aggressively pursue this marketplace and continue to develop new and innovative products to maintain our position as the leading supplier of ABT’s.

For information, please contact Jon Barrere, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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